OpenAGI: When LLM Meets Domain Experts


Yingqiang Ge, Wenyue Hua, Jianchao Ji, Juntao Tan, Shuyuan Xu, Yongfeng Zhang


Human intelligence has the remarkable ability to assemble basic skills into complex ones so as to solve complex tasks. This ability is equally important for Artificial Intelligence (AI), and thus, we assert that in addition to the development of large, comprehensive intelligent models, it is equally crucial to equip such models with the capability to harness various domain-specific expert models for complex task-solving in the pursuit of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Recent developments in Large Language Models (LLMs) have demonstrated remarkable learning and reasoning abilities, making them promising as a controller to select, synthesize, and execute external models to solve complex tasks. In this project, we develop OpenAGI, an open-source AGI research platform, specifically designed to offer complex, multi-step tasks and accompanied by task-specific datasets, evaluation metrics, and a diverse range of extensible models. OpenAGI formulates complex tasks as natural language queries, serving as input to the LLM. The LLM subsequently selects, synthesizes, and executes models provided by OpenAGI to address the task. Furthermore, we propose a Reinforcement Learning from Task Feedback (RLTF) mechanism, which uses the task-solving result as feedback to improve the LLM’s task-solving ability. Thus, the LLM is responsible for synthesizing various external models for solving complex tasks, while RLTF provides feedback to improve its task-solving ability, enabling a feedback loop for self-improving AI. We believe that the paradigm of LLMs operating various expert models for complex task-solving is a promising approach towards AGI. To facilitate the community’s long-term improvement and evaluation of AGI’s ability, we open-source the code, benchmark, and evaluation methods of the OpenAGI project at

Juntao Tan
PhD candidate

My research interests are mainly on Explainable AI, Recommender System, and some other subfields of AI and Machine Learning.